_Antibodies Service

The Antibody Service provides a centralized resource for the production, purification and labeling of monoclonal antibodies. It also maintains a collection of hybridomas, purified and coupled antibodies for IGC investigators.

The Antibody Service offers the following procedures:

    Quality Control of hybridomas:
      - Thawing, expanding, freezing
      - Mycoplasma testing and cleaning
      - Quantification of Ig production by ELISA
    Small to Medium scale Ig production from QC hybridomas in vitro (10 to 100mg):
      - Optimization of production by sub-cloning
      - Adaptation to serum free or IgG depleted media
      - Purification by Protein A/G chromatography and quantification
      - QC by protein gel electrophoresis
    Conjugation of monoclonal antibodies to small molecules for FACS, western or immunohistology