Outreach and Training

The Bioinformatics Unit staff has expertise in software development, and has participated in the development of databases and analysis pipelines.


  • AgreementMakerLight (AML) - lightweight ontology matching system specialized on the biomedical domain but applicable to any ontologies (README.txt)

Data Warehousing

  • Development of a web application to manage flow cytometry experiments
  • Deployment of OMERO, software for visualization, management and analysis of biological microscope images
  • Administration of BC Gene, a genotype data management solution provided by the Genomics Unit

Custom-Built Tools and Workflows

  • Building of scripts to do analyses that biologists do often and tediously by hand.
  • Integration of multiple tools in a pipeline with an easier to use visual interface.
  • Installation of local instances of complex / computationally heavy tools like Chipster and Galaxy.