Can you help with the analysis of microarray data?

At the moment, our team has little experience with microarray data. Although we are conceptually prepared to deal with this data, it may take us more time to properly handle a project involving the analysis of microarray data. We are thus usually recomending persons to contact the Gene Expression Unit for advice. In the context of a collaboration with the Gene Expression Unit, our unit hosts a local Chipster server which can be used to analyse microarray data.

Can you purchase a licence for the software X?

Requests to purchase specific software are analysed on a case by case. Our experience tells us that for most cases, there is freely accessible software that can do a good (and sometimes better) job.

Do you have a licence for the MacVector software?

No, we currently do not have a license. There is a free version of MacVector, with limited functionality. None of the items in the Analyze menu are available, but you can still manipulate sequence and alignment data, as well as digest with restriction enzymes and ligate into vectors.

My computer broke. Can you help fix it?

This is a job for our wonderful IT team. Please open a ticket in the IT helpdesk.