Rules of Engagement

Requesting Assistance

If associated to the IGC, create a task in the IGC Agendo clearly stating your goal, as well as a brief description of your case.

If not associated to the IGC, or in the case of a potentially large, complex project, contact the facility head Dr. Jingtao Lilue (jlilue@igc.gulbenkian.pt) to discuss the project and how could we assist.

The Bioinformatics facility is available to collaborate in grant applications, where we can provide a fraction of their time to the project, depending on the required expertise. We encourage researchers to contact the us early in the project design.


The Bioinformatics Facility charges for its services by person/hour. For researchers associated to the IGC this cost is subsidized by the IGC. For external users, this is charged at 20€ per person/hour.

For larger projects we provide an initial estimate of persons/hour, which is revised regularly acording to the progress of the project.

Prioritization of Work

We track the persons/hour allocated for every project.

Priority will be given to projects for which there is funding directly associated to the Bioinformatics facility, namely through time officially allocated to members of the facility.

The remainder of projects will be served depending on their nature, according to a fair-usage policy, where groups that have used less persons/hour will tend to have greater priority over groups that have used more resources. For these projects, users internal to the IGC will have priority over other users.


The Bioinformatics facility does not require or request co-authorship on studies using data generated solely by using off-the-shelf software by our facilities. However, in cases where significant intellectual contributions are made by facility members, co-authorship follows commonly-accepted scientific practice. Particularly in longer, more complex collaborations, this issue should be previously discussed with the head of the facility.

We do require acknowledgement of work performed by the facility in peer-reviewed publications by a direct statement in the acknowledgement section (e.g. “The authors would like to thank [Name(s) of Consultant(s)] of the Bioinformatics facility of the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência for assistance with [services performed].”) or in another appropriate section by stating that “[Service] was provided by the Bioinformatics facility of Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência.”


The Bioinformatics facility does not guarantee the storage of original raw data. Users must guarantee the storage and appropriate backup of their raw data. After publication, this is usually guaranteed through the submission to public repositories such as GEO and SRA.