Amira Practical Course May 5-6th, 2020

Thermo Fisher Scientific, the Portuguese Microscopy Society (SPMicros) and the Portuguese Platform of BioImaging (PPBI) are pleased to announce an Amira Practical Course. The course will be kindly hosted by the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência and it is open to Scientists based within Portugal.

Amira Practical Course Date: May 5-6th, 2020

Amira Practica Course Location: Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Rua da Quinta Grande, 6; 2780-156 Oeiras, Portugal.

The main objective of this course is to give the Portuguese research community a better understanding of the Amira software and enrich the applications of this tool in 2D and 3D data analysis for light and electron microscopy images.

In an effort to achieve that main objective, before the course each participant will:

  • receive a trial license;
  • receive a list of tasks to try with the program;
  • need to practice some of the basic skills.

This advance "homework" is meant to maximize the learning opportunities in the Amira Practical Course and it is highly advised that interested course participants reserve time in their schedule for this work prior to the start of the course.

The Draft Program is as follows:

  • May 5th – morning - a walk through of the Amira program - this will be fairly generic to give everyone an overview of this program
  • May 5th – afternoon - a more dedicated tutorial on preselected data based on the needs of the participants (LM or EM? 2D or 3D? etc)
  • May 6th - morning - a continuation of the dedicated tutorial
  • May 6th - afternoon - the chance to work with your own data with help from the Amira specialists in the room
  • May 7th onwards - Homework to analyse the data with full support from the technical experts of Amira for the duration of the 1 month trial license.

We only have 20 spots in the computer room and we have a small charge to cover the costs of lunch and the logistics of hosting this course.

If you would like to register please do so here.

If you have further questions please contact Erin Tranfield, president of SPMicros and Head of the Electron Microscopy Facility at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência.

Thank-you to ThermoFisher for sponsorship and the Portuguese Microscopy Society (SPMicros) and the Portuguese Platform of BioImaging (PPBI) for co-organization of this Practical Course.

Participants in the COMULIS COST Action Training School: A Practical Approach to CLEM learning data analysis in the advanced training rooms of the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência. The Training School was hosted at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência Feb 9-14th 2020.

We hope to see you in Oeiras May 5th and 6th 2020