How to Use Our Facility

To do Electron Microscopy in our Facility, you only need to follow these three simple steps:

1) Please contact Dra Erin Tranfield with your name and your affiliation, your email and phone contact details as well as a short description of your project. Please include the main project objectives, the biological model you are working with and the biological structures to be analyzed. If you have an EM protocol you would like to use, please send it to us;

2) After this, we will contact you to schedule a meeting to discuss the project;

3) At the meeting we will discuss the project, possible protocols and schedule a time for our first experiment.

The IGC Electron Microscopy Facility is open to anyone. Our IGC projects are our priority but we welcome collaborations with any academic or educational institutions. We offer a full service option as well as an individual training program with the aim that our users become independent electron microscopists. We do charge for the electron microscopy services with the aim to recover our costs, but not with an added profit. If you are interested in learning more about a collaboration or our price lists, please contact Dra Erin Tranfield.