Electron Tomography

Electron Tomography permits visualization of structure in three-dimensions. To collecting this kind of data, the sample is tilted from typically -60 to +60° and an image is acquired at each tilt (usually in one degree increments). To improve the quality of the data, the sample can be rotated 90°, and a second tilt series can be collected on the second axis, for dual axis electron tomography. After all data is collected, a program is needed (like eTomo) to align all the images in the tilt series and backproject the data from the tilt series into a three dimensional tomogram of the area of interest.

For electron tomography data acquisition, the Electron Microscopy Facility has a standard specimen holder that can provide a tilting range between -60 and +60° and a second holder that can freely rotate the sample, although the tilting range is limited between -15 and +15°.

Please contact one of the technicians in the IGC Electron Microscopy Facility if you are interested in Electron Tomography.