Analysis Workstations

Our facility provides 2 computers with flow cytometry data analysis software:

  1. PC1 (Windows 10) @FC Analysers room 0B01, in the Bartolomeu Dias wing
  2. PC2 (Mac) @Library

The following software is installed in the workstations: FlowJo, Summit, ModFit, Flowlogic, Fiji, Scepter Pro 2.1, Imaris 7.5.1, RStudio

Analysis workstations

General rules and policies

  1. The workstations function in a first-come-first-served basis and are open to every user of the FC facility.
  2. Users are not allowed to use the workstations for activities non related to flow cytometry data analysis.
  3. Users should save their data in the "Desktop/User data" folder, under a folder with its username. Any data outside this folder will be deleted.
  4. Users are responsible for securing their own data. Data older than a month will be deleted from the computer.

More information about workstation policies here.


For flow cytometry data analysis, we suggest FlowJo.

FlowJo is installed in both our Analysis Workstations, so any user has access to it. To use it on your own lab computer, the IGC has acquired a site license for FlowJo. To get FlowJo, contact the FCF staff.

You may ask the FCF staff to schedule a 2-hour learning session. You can also check FlowJo oficial online tutorials here.

Analysis workstations