Cell Counters

Scepter Millipore

  • Scepter
  • The Scepter is a portable cell counter from Millipore. Unlike others automatic counters, the Scepter cell counter does not occupies bench space and provides true automation without the error that accompanies vision-based systems.

    With its disposable microfabricated, precision-engineered sensor, this cell counter does all the work and delivers accurate and reliable cell counts in less than 30 seconds.

    The user prepares a dilution of the cell culture of interest and uses the Scepter cell counter to aspirate a sample of this dilution into the Scepter sensor.

    The Scepter cell counters screen displays:

    • Cell concentration
    • Average cell size
    • Average cell volume
    • Histogram of size or volume distribution

Operating Procedures

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Countess Invitrogen

  • Countess
  • The Countess is an automated cell counter that performs cell count and viability measurements (live, dead and total cells) using the standard trypan blue stain.

    In just 30 seconds of sample measurement, the Countess provides the following data:

    • Live and dead cell concentration/mL
    • Total cell concentration/mL
    • Viability
    • Mean diameter
    • cell images

Operating Procedures

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