BC CyAn ADP | Reservations

Optical configuration

  • CyAn ADP is equipped with a 25mW solid state blue (488nm) laser, a 50mW solid state violet (405nm) laser, and a 60mW red (643nm) diode. Note that a band-pass filter designated as 530/40 indicates that it will detect light in the a 30nm range centered at 530nm, i.e., 515-545nm. LP stands for Long Pass filter, and indicates that it will detect light above the mentioned wavelength. A list of typical fluorescent labels detected in each channel is also displayed on the right.

Operating Procedures

  • Before Acquisition

    1. Login to your windows account, and start Summit software.
    2. Load your database, or create a new one.
      If you are in your account already, and Summit is running, load your database.
    3. Click Startup in the Instrument tab.
      Follow the the on-screen instructions.
    4. Check if sheath tank is full. If necessary, refill tank.
      Use PBS with Azide. Cleanup any spills, since PBS is corrosive and can damage equipment.
    5. Run a tube of PBS in HIGH and check if there are less than 10 events per second, and/or they do not fall into your gates.
      If there are many events, Boost for 2-3 seconds and wait until events reduce.
      If number of events remains high, run Sample Clean in the Instrument tab and follow instructions.
    6. You are ready to start Acquisition!

  • After Acquisition

    1. If you are the last person of the day run Shutdown in the Instrument tab and follow instructions.
      Make sure that both tubes of water and cleaning solution (i.e., detergent) are full (4mL).
      Leave tube with diH2O in the machine.
      Close Summit software
    2. If there is someone reserved after you run Fluidics Shutdown in the Instrument tab and follow instructions.
      Make sure that the tube of cleaning solution (i.e., detergent) is full (4mL).
      Leave tube with cleaning solution in the machine.
      Laser Shutters in the Instrument tab.
      Close Summit software.
    3. Go to your folder and REMOVE all your acquired data files.
      The computer is NOT for data storage.
      The hard-disk is subject to routine cleaning, and files may be deleted without warning.
      Suggestion: You may remove your files while running Cleaning Procedures (see instructions on how to transfer files to the xservers).
    4. REFILL sheath tank with PBS.
      Cleanup any spills, since PBS is corrosive and can damage equipment.
    5. Remove your gloves, tubes and other belongings and clean up any trash.
    6. If you have any doubts or need assistance call the facility's staff (ext. 251).

  • Trasfering Data

    CyAn ADP is connected to a PC loaded with Summit 4.3 for machine interface and data acquisition. Acquired data is saved direclty on the hard drive. Use the D:\facsdata\ partition for this purpose. Due to space constraints, all data is routinely cleaned. To avoid data loss, the users MUST transfer their data to another location. The best way to store your own data is to transfer it to a pen-drive, USB external hard disk, or to your directory in xserve02. To transfer data to xserve02 or to another network location, follow these steps:

    1. Open any folder window.
    2. Write "\\xserve02" on the location bar and hit Enter.
    3. You'll be prompted for your username and password.
    4. Select the folder you want to access.
    5. Locate and drag your local files into the remote folder.
    6. To disconnect from the remote drive you have to run one of the 'windows-logout' executable files located in the remote server.

  • Custom Changes

    Our CyAn ADP has been custom changed to include a direct waste system eliminating the need for a waste tank. Therefore, users do not have to keep changing the waste tank when it's full. The sheath tank, however, must be ALWAYS refilled when the sheath indicator is orange, meaning the system is running low on sheath solution.