The IGC-FC has several resources available for the users, namely: 4 analysers, 2 cell sorters, 1 cell counter, 1 multiplex plate reader and 2 analysis workstations. Each equipment has different assets, so please read carefully the information related to each one to select the instrument most suitable for your application.

What instrument should I use for my experiment?

The best instrument for your aim depends on several factors: the panel of fluorochromes to be detected, the optical configuration required to detect those fluorochromes, and on the availability of the equipment. The table below summarizes the excitation optics of all flow cytometers available. To find out more about each instrument's optical configuration, see individual descriptions or consult with the IGC-FCF staff.

Excitation lasers per equipment

Fortessa X-20 Fortessa FACSCalibur FACSAria IIu MoFlo
Violet (405-407nm)
Blue Violet (442nm)
Blue (488nm)
Multiline (514nm)*
Yellow Green (561nm)*
Red (633-642nm)

*MoFlo lasers Multiline (514 nm) and Yellow Green (561 nm) cannot be used simultaneously.