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  • The HyperCyt System is designed as a modular add-on for any flow cytometer, to rapidly acquire samples from a multi-well microplate to perform high-throughput flow cytometry.

    In our lab, the HyperCyt is connected to a 9-color CyAn ADP, and can acquire samples in a variety of 96- and 384-well microplates.

    The HyperCyt System consists primarily of the HyperCyt Autosampler, HyperCyt Peristaltic Pump, and the optional HyperCyt Orbital shaker. These hardware components are controlled by the HyperCyt software, which is also used to associate the flow cytometry data to each well and assist in data analysis.

  • HyperCyt

Operating Procedures

  • Autosampler Setup

    1. Before setting up the autosampler, check the CyAn settings by running your samples in manual mode.
      Don't forget to backflush after running the last sample.
    2. Turn ON extension cord switch behind the autosampler.
      This will turn ON the autosampler, shaker, peristaltic pump, and HyperCyt's computer power supply.
    3. Turn HyperCyt's computer ON.
    4. Meanwhile, you can change the Instrument Settings of the CyAn in the Summit software.
      1. Start Summit software (if not already running).
      2. Start the "HyperCyt Summit Automator" from the Start Menu.
      3. Select Summit V4.3 and click "Setup..."
        The HyperCyt Summit Automator will open a browser where you can select the folder where fcs files will be saved in your HyperCyt experiments.
      4. Select the directory where FCS files from the CyAn will be saved and click OK.
        Note: Record this directory path because you must select the same Save Path in Summit for acquired FCS files.
      5. Click "Start...".
        You'll see a message indicating that the automator is ready and waiting for commands from the HyperCyt Controller. Keep this wndow open during the HyperCyt runs.
      6. In the Summit software, enable "AutoSave" under the "Acquisition" menu option.
      7. Under Edit, select Preferences.
        In "Sample" uncheck all checkboxes in the Sample prompt group.
        In "Instrument/CyAn":
        1. Uncheck:
        2. Set:
          Regulator Min: 0
        Press "Save and Close".
      8. Press the F8 button to bring up the "Database samples" window. Click the right mouse button on the titlebar of the window and click "Minimize".
      9. Ensure that the Control Panel is visible by clicking View/Control Panel.
      10. Enter the identical Save path for FCS files that was selected earlier with the HyperCyt Summit Automator.
        Select the Acquisition Tool bar icon and double-click in the "Save Path" entry.
        Browse to and highlight the folder you selected previously in the HyperCyt Summit Automator.
    5. After the HyperCyt computer is turned on, open the HyperCyt Controller software.
      This application controls and monitors the status of the components of the HyperCyt System.
      The Controller also contains the tools you need to recalibrate your HyperCyt each time you change the probe or add new models of plates.
    6. If you have any doubts or need assistance call the facility's staff (ext. 251).

  • After Acquisition

    Coming Soon

  • Trasfering Data

    Coming Soon

  • Custom Changes

    We have developed our own connection system between the HyperCyt and the CyAn ADP, based on a simple electric pinch-valve system. Details will be available soon..