New Users

Would you like to become a user of the IGC-FC facility? Welcome! Please follow the steps listed below:

1. Create a personal account in Agendo platform – the IGC-FC facility booking system that allows users to make time reservations for cell analyzers, cell sorters, MAGPIX and analysis workstations.

2. Please read carefully the IGC-FC facility general policy.

3. Consult the Instrument and Analysis Workstations webpage at the IGC-FC facility website to select the suitable instruments for you.

4. Request access to the instruments you would need to use through Agendo.

5. Send an email to the IGC-FC facility staff to schedule training.

6. Before theoretical training, ensure you complete the e-learning module.

7. At the end of theoretical training, schedule the practical training session directly with the IGC-FC facility staff.

8. Ensure you have samples to bring to practical training – ideally you should plan a small mock experiment similar to the type of experiments you intend to do in the future. If doing multicolor, you should do at least 3 colors (no more than six are necessary for training purposes) and bring unstained cells, single-stained and fully stained samples. If doing other applications, please discuss with IGC-FC facility staff what are the adequate samples to prepare.

All users are charged for equipment usage and/or assistance, if needed. Prices are available in Agendo when accessing each Resource details.

New users must read and understand the IGC-FC facility policies. Any questions or suggestions should be directed to the IGC-FC facility staff.