Flow Cytometry Staff

Marta Monteiro

Marta Monteiro, PhD

Head of Flow Cytometry
Office: 0B08
Phone: +351 214 407 951 (ext. 4251)
Email: mmonteiro@igc.gulbenkian.pt

Marta has a PhD in Immunology and almost two decades of experience in Flow Cytometry from several European institutions and multiple international projects. Before becoming Flow Cytometry Head at the IGC, Marta has worked as a researcher for 15 years, in Portugal and abroad; has been an Assistant Professor in the Medical School of University of Lisbon; and has also worked in industry, heading the R&D department of a multinational pharmaceutical company. She is author of many scientific publications and co-inventor of a patent that was on the origin of an award-winning entrepreneurship project and the foundation of a start-up.

Probably influenced by the countless crime and mystery books she reads, Marta loves to solve problems and create innovative solutions. That is why she is thrilled to help you designing the appropriate flow cytometry approach for your biological question or finding ways of overcoming the obstacles you may find in your experiments. Therefore, do not hesitate to knock on her door whenever you need!

Mariana Fernandes

Mariana Fernandes, MSc

Flow Cytometry Research Support Specialist
Office: 0B14
Phone: +351 214 464 625 (ext. 4625)
Email: mfernandes@igc.gulbenkian.pt

Mariana has a MSc in Biomedical Sciences, specialization in Molecular Biology in Tropical and International Health. Before becoming a technician in the Flow Cytometry Facility of Instituto de Medicina Molecular, in Lisbon, Mariana has worked as a researcher for several years in immunology, drug development and medical parasitology. She joined the IGC Flow Cytometry Facility in 2016 as a Flow Cytometry Research Support Specialist.

Mariana is a scout and, therefore, she will go to the end of the world to find the resolution for a problem. That is why you may find her sometimes behind, under or even partially inside of a cytometer that is not properly working. She is also great in connecting with people and, therefore, she is a privileged person to find the best collaborations for your projects.

Inês Almeida

Inês Almeida, MSc

Flow Cytometry Research Support Specialist
Office: 0B14
Phone: +351 214 464 625 (ext. 4625)
Email: ifalmeida@igc.gulbenkian.pt

Inês has an MSc in Biomedical Engineering and has been working at the IGC's Flow Cytometry Facility since January 2018. Before coming to the IGC, Inês worked as a researcher at the Institute of Neural Engineering in Graz, Austria. Her background mainly involves neuroengineering and data processing, and she truly enjoys the puzzles of programming. In the facility, among other activities, she takes care of the website, data management and she's looking into the most recent flow cytometry data analysis techniques.

She's always up for a new challenge! This year, she created a computer game from scratch to introduce the general audience to Flow Cytometry. In the past she has recorded a CD with a music group, (hitch)hiked through Norway and dived in the Baltic Sea in the Winter.

She also designed this website :)


The IGC-FC facility is located in Bartolomeu Dias wing:
FC Cell Sorter room: 0B14
FC Analyzer room: 0B01

IGC Flow Cytometry Facility
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Phone: +351 214 464 625 (ext. 4625)
Mobile: +351 214 407 951 (ext. 4251)
Email: fcf@igc.gulbenkian.pt

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