Policies for Equipment Usage

New Users

  1. New users must first register in our booking system Agendo Next and then ask for the specific instrument permission before using any of the flow equipment for the first time.
  2. All new users will then be requested to schedule a tour to the Flow Facility to review policies and maintenance procedures for each equipment.
  3. Depending on the level of experience demonstrated, the new user may have to undergo training or attend the introductory courses. Training is given periodically.
  4. External users may be charged for equipment usage and/or assistance if needed. A price list is available in the reservation's website.
  5. New users must read and understand the policies described below. Any doubts or suggestions may be directed to the Facility's staff.


  1. All equipment must be reserved prior to usage through the reservation website, including weekends. If you do not have permission to reserve a given equipment, request it at Agendo Next by clicking in New Permission icon.
  2. Using equipment without reservations will be reported to the Head of the UIC as misconduct./li>
  3. All reservations for analyzers must be confirmed within a specified period of time before, during, or after the reservation on a specific computer (usually the computer connected to the respective equipment). Failure to do so will indicate user did not use his/her slot, which will be included in a regular report to the Head of the UIC.
  4. If user decides not to use the equipment the reservation must be deleted.
  5. Deleting reservations must occur prior to the reserved time slot. If it's the last reservation of the day, the user must ensure that the previous user is notified and is now the last user of the day.
  6. If user keeps the reservation and allows another user to use his/her time, the first user will still keep FULL responsibility for the proper usage of the machine during that time.
  7. Filling all reservation fields is mandatory, and must be in accordance with the field's title. All requested Information is necessary for assistance and/or statistical purposes, to help improve the quality of the service. Failure to fill adequately the requested fields will be considered improper use and may lead to reserving limitations for the abusing user.
  8. Reservations for the sorters are done through pre-reservation, which must include the necessary information to help the cell sorter operator do determine the best machine/configuration and sorting time. Aprovement of - and/or changes to - the pre-reservation will be notified by email.
  9. It is the responsibility of the PIs to ensure that their students and postdocs comply with all the policies described here.


  1. All users must clean the flow cytometers immediately after acquisition, following the cleaning procedures attached on each machine and described in the equipment section.
  2. All users must refill the PBS container before leaving.
  3. The last user of the day is FULLY RESPONSIBLE for shutting down the equipment. Failure to do so may incur in penaltiesfor the user and costs for the PI for any damage directly related to this serious misusage.
  4. Users must be aware that even if their reservation is not the last slot of the day, it may become so if subsequent slots of other users are deleted meanwhile. Therefore, every user must check the reservation calendar before leaving, to ensure he/she has not become the last user of the day.
  5. Always leave the cytometer with an H2O tube (To avoid corrosion of Sample Injection Tube).
  6. Users are not allowed to remove the Sample Injection Tube or the Outer Sample Injection Tube of any machine without prior authorization. If the machine is blocked and the user cannot unblock it with a few successive 'PRIME' cycles, call the facility's staff for assistance.
  7. All local Hard Disks are NOT for data storage.
    • All files are stored TEMPORARILY, and are routinely erased to maintain enough free disk space for acquisition and/or analysis.
    • Users are encouraged to REMOVE their data IMMEDIATELY after acquisition. Data can be copied to USB pens or external drives, network storage locations (xserve01 or xserve02), and subsequently deleted from the HD.
    • The UIC is not liable for any loss of data on the local HDs.
  8. User's temporary data can only be stored in the "Facsdata" folders. Any files or folders outside this folder (e.g., in the desktop) will be deleted without notice.