The IGC has acquired a Site License for the flow cytometry analysis software FlowJo, which allows all groups to run the latest version of FlowJo in their own lab computers. To run the software in your lab computer, the site license must be installed in that specific machine, which in turn must have an internet connection. FlowJo will then match the site license with the computer's unique hardware address in FlowJo's online Licensing Server (FLS). If you want a site license installed in your computer (PC or Mac), please contact the facility's staff for instructions.

The latest version of FlowJo is also available, along with several other analysis software packages, in the student's room under the Library. Instructions on how to log into each computer is available on site. If you have any questions, suggestions, or run into problems with the software/hardware in these computers, please contact the facility's staff. You may want to check our Analysis Software educational resource for help in using each software.

NOTE: Usage is done on a first-come, first-served basis. Bear in mind that these machines are used for other purposes also and by several users. Therefore, the computers must be kept clean of user data. The facility or the IGC are not responsible for any data loss occuring in these computers.