The FCF Training Program is mandatory for all the users aiming to perform Flow Cytometry analysis. It consists of a 2-hour theoretical and a 2-hour hands-on module. We recommend new users to complete the e-learning modules prior the theoretical introduction. The goal of the FCF Training Program is to ensure investigators understand the basic principles of the technique, learn how to perform their experiments according to the best practices and get familiar with the facility policies. This training is optional for those users only doing cell sorting.

Get to know the basics and applications of Flow Cytometry:

In this training, users will learn the basic components of the cytometer (optics, fluidics and electronics), basics of fluorescence (excitation and emission), fluorescence detectors of the cytometer, compensation, FCF rules and policies (reservation, cancelation, assistance, rooms, equipment, ...).

The next theoretical training classes will take place in:

2019/01/1410:30Democritus room
2019/02/0614:00Democritus room
2019/02/2510:30Democritus room
2019/03/1510:00To be announced
2019/04/810:30To be announced
2019/04/2210:30To be announced
2019/05/1310:30To be announced
2019/06/0310:30To be announced
2019/07/0110:30To be announced
2019/07/1510:30To be announced
2019/08/0510:30To be announced
2019/09/0910:30To be announced

Other theoretical modules (upon request):

  • Cell sorting
  • Experimental planning
  • Data analysis

Request theoretical training
by sending an email to the
IGC-FCF staff

The hands-on training is mandatory for all the users aiming to perform Flow Cytometry analysis (not mandatory for cell sorting). Ideally you should plan a small mock experiment similar to the type of experiment you intend to do in the future. If doing multicolor, you should do at least 3 colors (no more than six are necessary for training purposes) and bring unstained cells, single-stained and fully stained samples. If doing other applications, please discuss with IGC-FCF staff what are the adequate samples to prepare.

Flow cytometry is a constantly evolving technology. To be well prepared to choose the best approach and master the latest tools to answer your specific biological question, it is important to keep up to date with advances in the field. Here is a list of flow cytometry courses and conferences taking place in the near future.


Basic + Advanced + Hands-on Flow Cytometry course
To be annouced...
@IGC, Oeiras, Portugal