Services : Transcriptomics - QuantSeq 3' RNA-Seq

This kit from Lexogen is the most cost efficient solution for mRNA-Seq we can offer at the moment. It allows detection of differential expression similar to microarrays and with a reduced number of sequencing reads.

Key features:

  • Strand-specific reads.
  • Total RNA input as low as 100pg.
  • Suitable for low quality RNA samples (e.g. from FFPE).
  • Sequencing on NextSeq500 (1x75bp SE – in house) or HiSeq2500 (1x50bp SE – external service provider).
  • Free access to data analysis platform Bluebee genomics to perform detection of differential gene expression.


  • 500ng of total RNA for standard protocol (lower input possible on request).

Costs (external, academic user):

  • QuantSeq library: 48.35 €.
  • 5 million reads 1x75bp SE on NextSeq500: 29.81 €.

Workflow for Quant-Seq library preparation.

Prices plus VAT and subject to change.