Services : Genotyping

We offer genotyping services using AgenaBio iPLEX Technology. This MALDI-TOF based platform is suited for genotyping tens to hundreds of SNPs in several thousand DNA samples. Expertise is available in all steps of medium scale genotyping projects, including:

  • SNP choice.
  • SNP assay design.
  • Plate layout design prior to initiation of genotyping.
  • Genotyping procedure .
  • Genotype calling.
  • Statistical analysis support.

Key features:

  • Custom-made genotyping assays with up to forty SNPs assayed simultaneously.
  • Mouse genome-wide genotyping for backcross genetic quality control.
  • Secure data management through BC/GENE database interface and data storage in dedicated servers.


  • 30µL with a concentration of 15ng/ul in a sealed 96 well plate