Services : 16S metagenomics

This metagenomic protocol focuses on the V4 region of bacteria 16S region (primers 515F-806R) and is designed to amplify from bacteria and archaea (Walters et al., 2016). Using a 280-multiplex approach on a 2x250bp PE MiSeq run we deliver up to 50.000 reads per sample.

Key features:

  • 3 independent PCRs per sample to reduce bias.
  • High multiplex to reduce cost per sample.
  • Automated QIIME basic analysis included.


  • 10 ul of each sample with a concentration of up to 100 ng/ul.
  • If you’re planning to deliver more than 20 samples, please consider to use a PCR plate (96 wells, non-flat bottom) instead of tubes. Sample orientation A1->A12.
  • For low biomass samples (≺ 10ng/ul) please contact us.

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