Services : Nucleic Acid QC - Fragment Analyzer

The Fragment Analyzer is an automated capillary electrophoresis equipment designed for sizing, quantification and quality control of nucleic acids. With its fluorescence-based capillary electrophoresis technology, it detects nucleic acids by using a sensitive intercalating dye coupled with a powerful LED light source.

The Genomics Unit currently offers sizing and quantification service using the following kits

KitsSizing RangeInput Concentration Range
High Sensitivity RNA Analysis 50 bp - 5,000 bp 50 pg/µl-5,000 pg/µl
High Sensitivity NGS fragment analysis 50 bp - 6,000 bp 50 pg/µl-5,000 pg/µl
High Sensitivity Large Fragment 50 Kb Analysis 75 bp - 48,500 bp 50 pg/µL– 5 ng/µL

Key features:

  • Automated capillary electrophoresis with 12 samples per run and up to 288 per batch.
  • Smear analysis providing concentration, molarity, size range, average size and CV%.
  • Quality (integrity) scoring for RNA, DNA and microRNA.
  • CRISPR editing efficiency.


  • 3ul per sample (DNA/RNA) in the specific kit concentration range.

High Sensitivity RNA kit

High Sensitivity NGS kit