Services : Transcriptomics - SMART-Seq2 RNA-Seq

The SMART-SEQ2 protocols we have available allow us to produce RNA-Seq libraries from very limited amounts of starting material (5ng of high-quality total RNA down to single cells). Reads cover complete transcripts and can be used to detect alternative splicing, in addition to regular differential expression.

Key features:

  • Total RNA input as low as single cells (e.g. from FACS).
  • Intermediate cDNA available for confirmation of marker genes by qPCR (except for single cell protocol).
  • Low-cost library construction with low-volume Nextera protocol.
  • Sequencing on NextSeq500 (SE or PE).


  • 0.5 to 5 ng of high quality total RNA or 1-300 single cells in RLT+ buffer (inquire for details).

Workflow for SMART-Seq library preparation. Adapted from Picelli, S. et al (2014).