Services Provided

Services are performed by our own technicians or on a self-service basis, except processing, paraffin embedding and microtomy - not available for self-service.

  • Processing and Embedding
  • Microtome Sectioning
  • Cryostat sectioning
  • Vibratome sectioning
  • H&E staining and special staining (such as Gram, Giemsa, Ziehl-Neelsen, PAS, Luxol Fast Blue with Nissl or PAS contrast, Masson's Trichrome, Nissl, Perls, Carstair's Method, Luna stain and others)
  • Training for new users in sample preparation
  • Training for new users in cryostat sectioning
  • Training for new users in vibratome sectioning
  • Planning, implementation and optimisation of different and new histological techniques including Immunohistochemistry
  • Project discussion and study design with the Pathologist
  • Pathology assessment
  • Bright-field image analysis
  • Stereology
  • Image acquisition (photomicrographs and automated complete slide digitalization)