Histopathology Unit

The Histopathology Unit, located at the Marco Polo wing at the IGC provides assistance and technical work in Histology, for all IGC scientists. Service is provided by Joana Rodrigues and Cláudia Faria, Histology Technicians. Since October 2015, Dr. Pedro Faisca joined the team as the Pathologist.

Mission Statement

As part of the Scientific Facilities and Technology Implementation of Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC), the Histopathology Unit (HU) has two major roles: provide high quality preparations for microscopic analysis and pathology support to IGC scientists investigating animal models of human disease. The Histopathology Unit is open to all internal groups in IGC but also to associate laboratories, academic institutions and private companies.

General description of the Unit at the IGC

As histopathology is a valuable instrument in scientific research, our laboratory, located at the Marco Polo wing, is equipped for three main techniques:

  • Microtomy (for paraffin embedded samples)
  • Vibrotomy
  • Cryotomy

In addition, the in-house experimental pathologist assists in:

  • Morphology and morphometry assessment
  • Bright-field Image analysis
  • Stereology

Since 2017, high quality image acquisition is also available with a slide scanner (NanoZoomer - SQ Digital Slide Scanner).