Histopathology Unit

  • The Histopathology Unit, located at the Marco Polo wing at the IGC provides assistance and technical work in Histology, for all IGC scientists. Service is provided by Joana Rodrigues and Marta Pinto, Histology Technicians. Since October 2015, Dr. Pedro Faisca joined the team as the Pathologist.
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  • Mission Statement

    As part of the shared facilities at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC), the Histopathology Unit (HU) aims to provide high quality preparations for the microscopic study of both normal and pathological cells and tissues. As Histopathology is a valuable instrument in scientific investiga-tion, our technicians guide the users in their work and train them to use some of the equip-ment, when necessary. Furthermore, the provision of guidance in the interpretation of pa-thology samples and planning of projects involving histological analyses are central tenets of our unit.

    Pathology (Greek: "Pathos" - disease, and "logos" - to reason) is the study of disease. Contrary to common perception, the process starts at examination of the gross specimen, whether hu-man or animal, organism & organ, and then proceeds to histological analysis. The latter is not a "result" but an interpretation, subject to multiple potential confounding factors and judgment. Thus, there are both technical and interpretational skills that are required.