Techniques and Equipment

The Advanced Imaging facility maintains a wide variety of equipment, enabling an equally varied number of techniques.

Depending on what sort of questions you want to address, what sort of information you need or what sort of measurements you'd like to do, we might just have something new for you to consider.

If you're in doubt which equipment/technique is best for you, fill the form below. It will try to give you a rough estimate of what systems you might find useful.

There is one technique that is not included on the advisor because it can be performed on all forms of images: Stitching. This involves taking several pictures in a mosaic pattern and adding them all in the end. The Screening Microscope is an example if one of the microscopes that is already setup for an automatic mosaic aquisition. If you're interested, check the screening microscope page or contact one of our technicians to know more.

Automated UIC Advisor

Do you need to image small structural detail, smaller than 200nm?

How large is your sample?

Do you need to image deep in the animal?

Will your sample be fluorescent?

Is your signal very weak/small and/or it bleaches easily?

If you need to take widefield pictures: is your object of interest hard to see on your sample without a dye/staining?

Even if it is fluorescent, do you still want brightfield pictures?

How fast is the process you want to see?

Do you need to control the temperature and/or CO2 during acquisition?

Is there something more specific you are trying to do/observe?

Do you want good resolution or to acquire a large amount of samples?

Do you need to perform a 3D analysis of your sample?

Your results:

We advise you to use the following systems:

Always feel free to talk to the UIC team to ask further questions. We only ask that you try and think on the questions above since they are the type of questions we are going to ask you.