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  • Aequoria
  • The Aequoria MDS system is a macroscopic darkbox system equiped with an EMCCD camera capable of acquiring faint luminescence signals in large samples such as whole living organisms, bacterial plates, plants or micro-well plates.

    Location : Bartolomeu Dias wing, UIC room 2

    Manufacturer : Hamamatsu

    Model : Aequoria

Maintenance log:

  • 01-08-2014 - Equipment moved to the Microscope Room 2 (UIC room 2).

Practical examples:

  • Quantification of Luciferase, Susana Ramos (Inflamation lab) | PDF | Direct Link


Turning on

  1. Turn on the computer.
  2. Log on into the computer if it isn’t already logged on, using the generic igcuser credentials.
  3. Turn on the camera controller.

    camera on/off switch

  4. Start MicroManager or HCImage software,both available as a Desktop shortcut or at the Windows start menu.
  5. Set up your experiments in the chamber.

    dark chamber

  6. Set exposure, Gain, Sensitivity and/or binning adequate to your sample.

Turning OFF

  • Save all your acquired pictures to the server/hard drive.
  • Close the acquisition software.
  • Turn off the camera controller box. ONLY IF THERE IS NO ONE COMING IN THE NEXT 2 HOURS.
  • TAKE OUT EVERYTHING YOU BROUGHT!, eg, pipettes, slides, etc...

If you would like to use it,just ask the UIC staff.

Extra Info