UIC: Advanced Imaging Unit

  • Gaby G Martins
  • Gaby G Martins, PhD

    Facility Head

    Email: gaby@igc.gulbenkian.pt

    Phone: + 351 214 464 539

    Ext: 539

    Personal Website: www.gabygmartins.info

    I am in charge of managing the imaging equipment and provide support to users in the microscopes, in experimental design & sample preparation protocols, and in support in image analysis. I also organize internal and international workhsops. My research areas are on cell & developmental biology and morphomics.

  • Nuno Pimpão Martins
  • Nuno Pimpão Martins, MsC

    Microscopy Assistant

    Email: npmartins@igc.gulbenkian.pt

    Phone: + 351 214 464 607

    Ext: 533

    I am in charge of assisting users with several types of advanced microscopy, including confocal, DIC, widefield fluorescence microscopy and dSTORM Super-Resolution; this encompasses training, advising and assisting with image acquisition. Also in charge of maintaining the microscopes and policing use.

  • Mária Hanulova
  • Mária Hanulova, PhD

    Microscopy Assistant

    Email: mhanulova@igc.gulbenkian.pt

    Phone: + 351 214 464 607

    Ext: 533

    Description under construction.

UIC Collaborators:

  • Nuno Moreno
  • Nuno Moreno, PhD

    Technical Development

    Email: moreno@igc.gulbenkian.pt

    Phone: + 351 214 464 358

    Ext: 538

    Nuno is now in charge of the "Equipment and Maintenance", an IGC technical platform responsible for ensuring effective equipment acquisition, distribution and usage. Nuno still collaborates with the UIC on technical development, is still responsible for the UIC reservation website development & maintainance, and collaborates in algorithm development for quantitative microscopy. Nuno's research areas are vesicle trafficking and oscillatory behavior of apical growing cells.

Former members:

  • Emilio J. Gualda
  • Emilio J. Gualda, PhD

    Microscopy Developer

    Microscopy Researcher

    Former developer of new systems for the UIC, such as a Single Plane Illumination microscope (SPIM), Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) or an inverted two-photon/second harmonic microscope.

  • Pedro Almada
  • Pedro Almada, MsC

    Microscopy Assistant

    Former Advanced Imaging Unit Microscopy assistant, who was responsible for the microsocpe maintenance and user assistance and training.

  • Ania S. R. Goncalves
  • Ania S. R. Goncalves, MsC

    Microscopy Assistant

    Former assistant to users with microscopy, including confocal, DIC, widefield fluorescence and OPT clearing and acquisition. Was also responsible for organizing internal workshops and general logistics.

  • Pedro Almada
  • João Lagarto, PhD

    Technical Development - FCS/FLIM

    Email: jlagarto@igc.gulbenkian.pt

    Phone: + 351 214 464 607

    Ext: 607

    Description under construction.

  • Hugo Pereira
  • Hugo Pereira, MsC

    Technical Development - SPIM

    Phone: + 351 214 464 607

    Ext: 607

    Former developer of the Single Plane Illumination microscope (SPIM) built in the institute. In addition, Hugo was a microscopy and imaging technician for the facility.