The Rules for the Microscopes Equipment Usage

  1. First time users are encoraged to be accompanied by an experienced user or the staff of the UIC.

  2. It is the responsability of the PIs to ensure that their students and postdocs are properly trained.
  3. If you don't use your time warn the AIF staff.
  4. If you want to give your reservation to another user, you keep the FULL responsability for the proper usage of the machine during your reservation.
  5. If you leave the microscope system on (especially the microscope light sources) make sure that there will be another user using the system after. When in doubt warn the AIF staff.
  6. Make sure you always leave the microscope in optimal conditions for the next users (clean the imersion objectives you've used, don’t leave your samples, etc...).
  7. The local hard disks are not for data storage. You need to remove your data. There are network file servers available for data storage and CD/DVD burning is always possible. No guarantee is taken for any data on the local HD. The disk might be wiped out without prior warning.
  8. Do not try to modify or install software on the microscope computers, when in doubt talk with the AIF staff.
  9. External users may be charged for equipment usage and/or assistance if needed. The resources usage prices are available on the reservations website. Just select the resource and click on its picture.

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