Advanced Imaging in Oeiras

DIC - Spores of Bacillus subtilis at 160x, Hugo Barreto, EVB
dSTORM - Nuno Pimpão Martins, UIC
Scanning confocal - Takashi Koyama, DEE
Spinning Disk confocal - Catarina Nabais, CCR/PND
Screening widefield images
Widefield timelapse
Live cell Movie - Nuno Martins, UIC & Sihem Zitouni, CCR
Image processing and Analysis

The Advanced Imaging Lab is part of the Imaging and Cytometry Unit (UIC), at the Gulbenkian Science Institute, Oeiras, Portugal. It is an advanced light microscopy facility that focuses on the imaging of biological events at the cellular/molecular level of fixed or living cells, tissue or at embryos.

Though the laboratory's aim is to provide researchers at the Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia with microscopy instrumentation and services, we also offer the same services to outside groups or companies. Charges may be applied in these cases.

This website provides information about the instrumentation, past and ongoing projects, in addition to several educational resources from technical instrumentation aspects to protocols.

The Lab is located in the Bartolomeu Dias wing, and inqueries concerning the facility and its services may be directed to any of the lab's staff.