General facilties terms of use

Schedule and access to facilities

  1. Before using any resource, new users must request access to the facility staff, who usually grant him or her access after an adequate minimal training is received
  2. Authorized independent users can access to the IGC facilities 24/24h. Regular operation hours, with technical staff available, are 9h00 – 18h00. Some facilities, namely animal house, might limit these schedules. Additionally, permanence of external users might be limited depending on: a) type of facility used, b) type of safety training, and c) written permission from the facility head
  3. Some facilities or part of them might have card control access, with access granted from the facility staff. External users might need a temporary access card if applicable
  4. Internal users are required to have general safety training for each facility. This does not exclude regular safety training given by the safety officer
  5. No vertebrates or BSL2 organisms are allowed to enter at IGC without express authorization from the animal facility or security officer
  6. Users must leave the equipment and surrounding space clean and ready for the next user. Repeated offenses may result in loss of privileges
  7. No non-approved guests are allowed in the facilities. If you would like to bring a visitor, please introduce the visitor to the facility staff upon arrival

Booking and requesting

  1. All facility requests are made via Agendo. The url for the IGC database is If accessing from (or to) institutions using Agendo you need to request for new user registration as databases are independent
  2. PIs and Lab Managers can look at their group ongoing requests and bookings
  3. Cirklo saves IGC’s booking and requests data for 10 years minimum and files for 5 years minimum as it might, in the future, be used for external auditing
  4. Your bookings and personal data are accessible only for users registered in Agendo. The system works at one by one basis, preventing regular users to see the users list. Further information is available in general Agendo terms of use
  5. Surveys are available on some resources to help us out on improving the service

Group Leaders responsibilities

  1. Group members can freely book, request items and use facility resources in a trust based relationship (check Schedule and access to facilities, 1)
  2. It is responsibility of the PI to inactivate the access of former group members or members they do not want to have using the facilities. User will be automatically added to the group but a notification is sent to PI and Lab-manager
  3. Not inactivating former lab members can result in the use of IGC facilities by users who are no longer affiliated to the IGC. Any equipment usage and requests will be charged accordingly in the account of the former lab
  4. In case of internal users, no payment to the facilities should be done in the 1st month of starting FCT’s projects, nor in the last month, as we need to synchronise project duration with invoices

Payments and funds

  1. Every time you make a booking it is assumed that your host entity (either internal group or external institution) has the financial capability to pay the requested services to the facilities
  2. PIs and Lab Managers can look at their group’s ongoing requests and financial outcome
  3. It is not the responsibility of the facilities to control internal users access to grants and service consumption. PIs can block users anytime
  4. No payment to the facilities is allowed without immediate (3 month) use of the facility services e.g., to consume the budget of ending projects, either to internal or external users
  5. Pre-payment to the facility without immediate consumption of the service might imply funds loss


  1. The price of each service is available upon booking or requesting. Pricing is updated typically once but are not applied retrospectively
  2. Internal price is calculated as follows: (Human Resources+Service Contracts or repairs)/Installed Capacity + Consumables
  3. For external academic price, depreciation and indirect costs might be included. These costs are dependent on the type of funding and infrastructure. In any case, final price formulation is not public and can vary without further notification
  4. External commercial price should be checked with facility staff

External users

  1. The usage of our facilities by external users is dependent on the current availability and access can be waived at any time
  2. In case of repeated facility usage or general lab usage, external users will have to take our global safety course. It is the responsibility of the facility head to determine the threshold which may vary depending on the type of equipment/lab used
  3. The facility might require pre-payment without further justification

General safety and legal policy

  1. No food or drinks are allowed in the facilities
  2. Every project using vertebrate animals at IGC must be a) approved by the Ethics Committee and the Animal Welfare Body of the IGC and b) by the Direção Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária (DGAV)
  3. For manipulating vertebrates in any type of experimental setup, it is obligatory to have a personal license granted by DGAV
  4. Not complying to basic safety rules such as the usage of appropriated safety clothing and equipment might lead to have IGC’s general insurance refusing your claim
  5. Safety seminars are held every Thursday at 10:30h a.m. in Democritus Room

Publications and acknowledgments

  1. It is obligatory to acknowledge all the facilities used in all publications involving facility staff or equipment
  2. Before submitting a paper, please discuss with the facility if all technical aspects are properly described
  3. Authorship should be discussed in a case-by-case basis and defined as early as possible. This is only applied if the facility staff gives relevant intellectual input or in case of implementing a specific novel application not yet available as a standard service

Data handling

  1. For self-service resources, users are responsible to backup their data
  2. No backup is offered even for short term and no responsibility can be attributed to the facility in case of data lost
  3. As a rule of thumb data can be deleted without further notice after 7 days but each facility might have different policies. Please check directly with the staff