Vivaria Unit

European Mouse Mutant Archive

The Unit for Genetic Manipulation of Mice and Rats has joined the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA) in 1997, as one of its 7 members: CNR, Montorotondo, Italy; CNRS, Orleans, France; MRC, Harwell, UK; IGC, Oeiras, Portugal; Karolinska Institute, Huddinge, Sweden, HGF/GSF, Munich, Germany and EBI, Hinxton, UK.

The specific mission of the IGC Unit within EMMA is the transfer to germ-free conditions of targeted mouse lines with immunological defects. These lines are then made available, upon request from interested scientists in Europe. In order to facilitate the analysis of such animals, notably avoiding costly special transportation at the risk of losing the "germ-free" condition, the IGC decided to open its laboratories and facilities to external scientists engaged in these studies.

In 2000, Dr. Martin Hrabe de Angelis was appointed Technical Director of EMMA.